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Fleet Carriers

You may have a small fleet of 10 units or a large fleet of over 1,000 units, it is important to know that the relationship with your insurance broker can make the difference in maximizing profitability through good times and bad.

Typically, the cost of insurance is one of your highest expenses.  At McGriff, we take the approach to risk several steps further buy acknowledging that risk and insurance are so much more than just the premiums you pay.  With our vast experience, we have developed several tools to contain your risk expense from the premiums and deposits you pay to the deductibles you may be exposed to and the type of employee or Independent Contractor you hire in curbing the exposure to loss to begin with.

Expertise, professionalism and accountability are the norm at McGriff.

We developed these solutions utilizing services such as:

  • Root Cause Analysis– A comprehensive review of losses for root cause which is tied back to operational risks and safety solutions.
  • Safety Benchmarking – A Safety Program that evaluates key fleet safety areas and benchmarks them against the best practices in the industry and utilizing strategic partnerships for driver recruitment and ongoing training.
  • Program Structure – Partnering with our client we determine the appropriate program structure. This can mean utilizing traditional deductibles or funded deductibles and Captives.  It is important that our client partnership develops joint solutions through utilization of information in making best decisions.
  • Marketing – Unlike a lot of our competition, marketing is done by the team members working with our clients on a daily basis. This way your message and story gets accurately relayed to the insurance carriers. We maintain excellent direct relationships with all major insurance carriers in the Transportation sector and deal only with the decision makers.
  • Payment Options – From monthly reporting based on mileage or units to available finance contracts offering options not typically available from others like smaller down payments or 12 equal payments programs keeping your cash flow needs at the forefront.
  • Claims Consulting – Our claims consulting services include: claims reviews – quarterly review of claims with your claims provider; claims advocacy – we engage with you, the insurance carrier and third parties in large complex claims, we utilize our claims professionals and attorneys on staff.
  • Core Service Requirements Timely and accurate management of day to day services including: Certificates of Insurance; Auto ID Cards; Contract Review; Regulatory Compliance.

Expertise, professionalism and accountability are the norm at McGriff.


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