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Pro-TREAD - Instructional Technologies, Inc. (ITI) is one of the largest leading providers of Interactive Online Training Solutions to the commercial and private trucking industry. 

ITI's Pro-TREAD training suite consists of over 90 fully interactive lessons taken by more than 80,000 users each month. Defensive Driving, Fuel Management, Speed Management, Avoiding Fixed Objects, OSHA, HazMat, Straight Truck Training, Warehouse and CSA specific topics are a small sample of what is included in the curriculum. 
Pro-TREAD is available on a multitude of platforms, (including EOBRs) 24/7, and ensures easy and convenient access to training no matter where the user is or when the user would like to train. The program also includes access to ITI's Training Management System, allowing managers full access and ability to utilize management control and report-generating capabilities in real time. Managers can track training progression and completion as well as print out reports, certificates and other valuable information.  Instructional Technologies, also provides custom solutions and integration services, including orientation training and company specific content development and hosting for individual clients. www.proTREAD.com/


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